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Next Gathering:

Radical Routes is a network of radical housing co-ops, workers co-ops and social centres, whose members are committed to working for positive social change.

Four times a year the member co-ops get together at weekend events which have a social function, but which are also the places at which all important decisions are taken. They are open meetings and anyone is welcome to attend.

Further details and registration links will be posted at the next gathering section of the Radical Routes website.

 Purpose of Gatherings

  • Radical Routes business, decision-making and discussion, reporting on work done and allocating tasks to do
  • Introduction to how RR works and how to participate in it
  • Keeping up with each other’s co-op news – meeting new members, helping with problems, celebrating achievements
  • Socialising, skill-sharing, inspiring each other – building relationships of trust so we can work together well
  • Meeting new people and spreading consciousness of radical co-operation as a tool for re-making our world.

Who can come?

Gatherings are open to everyone:

  • Delegates of member co-ops
  • Other co-op members, associates and friends who want to participate in the network
  • People from new or existing co-ops who are interested in joining random other visitors or interested people.

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  1. sharon pollitt

    Hi, wondering about these dates?
    13th – 15th August is sunday monday tuesday so how is that going to work for people who work weekdays?
    Sharon Pollitt – Tiny House Building Co-op

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