Radical Routes

Why Invest?

We invite individuals and organisations to make ethical investments in Radical Routes* if they are able to.

By making a socially responsible, ethical investment in Radical Routes’ loan fund you will be helping to provide capital for people starting up housing and workers’ co-ops and social centres in the UK. Your support will be instrumental in helping to house hundreds of people and create bases from which people can work to change the world for the better.

Investors can choose to receive interest on their investment:

  • at the maximum rate, currently 3%
  • at the half-rate, currently 1.5%
  • or choose to receive no interest (0%). 

The higher the rate we pay to investors, the higher interest rate on loans we need to charge our members. Investors are therefore invited to forgo their right to interest, or to ask for only half rate, as a way of further supporting the goals of the Radical Routes network.

We have over 300 investors and are always looking for more people to support us in our social change mission, find out how to become an investor.

*until June 2022 investments were made through Rootstock Limited, a social investment society and initiative of Radical Routes which merged with Radical Routes in June 2022. You can find historic Rootstock accounts here.