Radical Routes

Why co-ops?

Co-operatives allow people to control their housing and their work. Co-operatives come in many varieties, Radical Routes seeks to support those opposed to capitalist systems of hierarchy, exploitation and money as power.

We support co-operatives which are  opposed to the destruction of the environment, committed to a positive ecological outlook and which support grass roots resistance to injustice. We are not a charity or a commercial organisation.

Groups that join are expected to be active within Radical Routes; contributing time, effort and money in the form of service payments. The amount of work expected of member groups varies according to the size of the group – at present it is between two and four hours a week. By working for Radical Routes members help themselves and others, giving more people the same opportunities.

One advantage of this mutual aid system is that member co-ops can provide effective support to one-another. Many needs and problems are common to other groups and so are understood and can be effectively dealt with. Mutual aid and trust are fundamental to the Radical Routes outlook.

Radical Routes is funded by service payments from its member co-operatives and by donations. Loans are provided to members.. Each co operative must participate in running Radical Routes, each must be involved in activities which are in line with the aims and principles of Radical Routes and each must be fully involved in decision making.