Radical Routes

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Radical Routes is ran by its working groups. Working group members can be member’s of Radical Routes’ member co-ops, associates, supporters or anyone interested. Most of our working groups only consist of a few people, and are always in need of new members.

Each working group has core members, who agree to attend four gatherings in a row, and non-core who can attend as little or as many working group meetings as they like.

Join a working group to be skilled up in any aspects of our work and meet new people! If you are interested Contact Us.


  • Reviews loan applications
  • Manages Radical Routes’ finance worker
  • Supports co-ops at every stage of setting up their business, including raising finance and doing financial planning with our cash-flow forecast modeling spreadsheet.
  • Runs a participatory budget setting for Radical Routes

Find more info about us and what we do on our wiki page.


  • Creates proposals to improve the functioning of Radical Routes. This has included updating policy, educational materials and the decision making process recently.

Inclusion & Diversity

  • Reviews inclusion in Radical Routes and plans to make


  • Made this website with the help of some friends.
  • Communicates with Catalyst who run the server.
  • Finds online tools for getting our work done more efficiently.
  • Manages the Radical Routes Tech. Worker.


  • The only legal position in a co-operative is the secretary, this work takes a whole working group in Radical Routes.
  • Receives proposals and objections and compiles the agenda for the gathering business meetings.
  • Keeps policies up to date.

Investment and Engagement

  • Enables the investor members to join in the consensus process.
  • Administers the investor shares.
  • Advertises investment in Radical Routes
  • Checks the law regarding investment.

Gatherings and Access

  • Organises accessible gatherings four times a year.


  • Organises the creche at every gathering.

Publicity and Exhibition

  • Publicises Radial Routes at events and online.

trading co-ops network

  • Links the trading co-ops of Radical Routes.

Co-op Support

  • Meeting co-ops in the setting up process
  • Helping co-ops though the joining process.
  • Organises help for co-ops if needed, e.g. mediation between members.


  • Reviews and monitor co-operative law in the UK
  • Support members with legal issues
  • Create and maintain model documents (rules and tenancy)
  • Reviews the Radical Routes policy documents
  • Links with other organisations to lobby the government regarding changes in law that affects co-ops.