Radical Routes

Next gathering

The dates for the next gathering will be

23-25th February 2024

at Preston Montford in Shrewsbury – fully accessible venue with beds for all. Planning access vehicle for lifts form stations (in person only)

You can contact Gathering group at: Gatherings@RadicalRoutes.org.uk

Purpose of Gatherings

  • Radical Routes business – decision-making and discussion, reporting on work done and allocating tasks to do

  • Introduction to how RR works and how to participate in it

  • Keeping up with each other’s co-op news – meeting new members, helping with problems, celebrating achievements

  • Socialising, skill-sharing, inspiring each other – building relationships of trust so we can work together well

  • Meeting new people and spreading consciousness of radical co-operation as a tool for re-making our world.

Who can come?

Gatherings are open to everyone:

  • Delegates of member co-ops

  • Other co-op members, associates and friends who want to participate in the network

  • People from new or existing co-ops who are interested in joining

  • random other visitors or interested people.

What happens there?

  • Delegates of member co-ops need to attend business meetings on behalf of their co-ops

  • Anyone at a gathering can attend any meeting

  • There are workshops (consensus decision-making, facilitation, how to set up a workers co-op), trainings, discussions 

  • at a physical gathering, there are lots of things to do outside meetings: putting up and taking down marquees, hanging out, food prep, kids group, queer space, banner-making, etc.
    at online gatherings, we have space to socialise on Discord, training sessions (e.g. anti-racism, financial literacy) , cake-making, a quiz, board games,

  • New groups should attend the ‘New Groups’ meeting, and new people should attend the introductory sessions

Gatherings are usually quite intense, with lots of people trying to share a lot of information and make lots of decisions in a relatively small amount of time. If you particularly want to communicate with a specific person you don’t know, feel free to ask someone who knows what’s going on for help.


This will be posted in late January 2024

Venue Information

This will be posted in late January 2024

Travel Information

This will be posted in late January 2024


IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU TELL US IF YOU ARE BRINGING CHILDREN. Please fill out information about children you or your coop are bringing when you register for the gathering on the google form and email kidsgroup@radicalroutes.org.uk .

Please register as early as possible so we can plan appropriate activities. We are very glad that you are bringing children to the gathering and we are looking forward to spending time with them. 

(The kids’ space is run by the Kids Working Group. We are a voluntary group of people who are members of co-ops within the network.)


This will be posted in late January 2024