Radical Routes

How to access RR money

  1. RR Ethical Loan Fund – click through for more info
  2. Coop Support Fund – click through for more info
  3. Spend through a working group – All working groups have a budget. The latest figures can be found in the finance report section of the quarterly gathering agenda. There are about 10 working groups and their budgets get renewed every calendar year i.e. they are not rolling budgets. To access this money, you usually will spend this upfront and get reimbursed. However if required in advance, this can also be arranged. You should submit an expense claim to radicalroutes (at) catalystcollective.org using this link.
  4. Co-op College Fund – this is a grant given to Radical Routes to spend broadly on educational activities. The ‘How to set up a housing co-op’ toolkit was paid for through this. There is now £2,200 remaining in this pot, and it can be spent by making a proposal to a gathering.
  1. Reserves – Radical Routes has a Reserves policy that was updated in 2022. As of November 2023, there is about £46,000 left in excess of the Reserves policy. Any member of RR can make a proposal to a quarterly gathering in the usual way to access this.