Radical Routes

Coop Support Fund

New and unhoused co-ops often face start-up costs and Radical Routes can help! Radical Routes  can provide funding for:

  1. Co-op registration fees for any co-ops, not just housing co-ops
  2. Property survey costs 
  3. Solicitors’ fees resulting from the property-buying process 
  4. Architects’ and engineers’ fees for the co-op’s first properties

To access most of this funding, your co-op would need to be a member of Radical Routes, or in the process of joining.

Any one co-op can access up to 60% of what is in the pot. This gets carried forward each year, if it does not get spent. Money is added to this pot from the yearly surplus that RR makes from its working groups’ underspent budgets. If there is no underspend, then the pot is not topped up, and this gets updated to the network in the February gathering agenda.

For questions or support with accessing this fund, get in touch with

16spring (at) posteo.net or finance (at) radicalroutes.org.uk

This was last updated in Dec 2023 by The Hive co-op