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Creating an account gives no extra access to the site. If you are a member of a member co-op then e-mail Footprint Workers Co-op after you have registered to request access to the members area.


  • Vacancy at Neds Housing Coop (Nottingham)

    Neds is a Housing Co-operative in the Forest Fields/Basford area of Nottingham, formed in 2002, at the same time as the nearby Sumac Social Centre. Based in and around a mid-1800's house, there are 11 residents, one of whom is moving on in June. Neds is a vegetarian & vegan household and members have a strong commitment to working for positive social change, with respect, co-operation, non-hierarchy and mutual aid in their everyday lives and within the co-op.

    Potential new members are invited to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0115 978 0019 before 21st April. Applicants will be invited to tour the house and have a discussion with existing members about Neds commitments and the joining process. Whilst the space may be available as soon as June, there is flexibility over the move-in date as maintenance & ecological improvements might be undertaken during the summer.

  • We've got spaces available at Wild Peak Housing Co-op.

    We've got spaces available at Wild Peak Housing Co-op.

    If anyone's up for it we're in the process of building a Housing Co-op. We have a house and out buildings in a beautiful spot at the end of a 2 mile lane, just outside Belper, on the edge of the Peak District, in Derbyshire.

    The Co-op owns 69 acres of land running alongside the river Derwent. 39 acres of this is leased to the Wildlife Trust and managed as a wetlands bird reserve, and the other 30 acres is ex-landfill, now grassland, that we're attempting to manage for conservation, and coppice for our wood fired boiler. This mainly consists of cutting hay, planting trees, and grazing some rescued horses. Our days are touched upon by flights of jackdaws, skeins of geese, the bubbling of curlew, and the passing of badgers. The summer has the added bonus of swimming in the river.

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  • Can you help a Tottenham-based co-op?

    Mary Ann Johnson Housing Co-op in North London is trying to raise £90k in donations or loans.


    MAJ Housing Co-opMary Ann Johnson housing co-op currently owns one property in Tottenham which is home to two of our members, as well as a thriving office used by local community groups. For over four years, we have also been managing a property letting, which houses another five of us. Our aim is to buy this or another property to securely house all our members, providing a sustainable base and resource for radical community activism. To make this happen, we need to raise £90,000 in loanstock investments or donations.

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  • Come Join Rose Howey

    Rose Howey Housing Co-operative is a ridiculous Victorian Mansion and former bail hostel on the edge of a beautiful park near the centre of Liverpool. The house is set over five floors and contains live-in wings and communal spaces including an industrial kitchen, dining room, events room (aka the ballroom). The house also has a large garden backing onto Princes Park.


    We moved into our house in Nov 2012 and currently have seven children and eight adults, two cats and a rabbit living there. We are very committed to Liverpool as people who have been born here, and those that have chosen to live here. Members of Rose Howey have been involved in home education projects, local campaigns against urban ‘development’, alternative mental health support, editing nerve 22 (which features alternatives to capitalism), running workshop on supporting alternative parenting for student midwives and working on a documentary of Liverpool's Collaborative History. The vision of the house includes providing spaces for local community projects (such as The Free University of Liverpool and Migrant Artist Mutual Aid) and for larger national networks.


    The house is in need of some tender loving care. Despite its rich and interesting history, a year prior to us moving into the building it had been left uninhabited. During this time drains were blocked, leaks created and interior damaged. We have already had a new roof put on and complete electric rewiring.  The next stage of development is a major eco refit that includes micro generation.


    Because of the layout of the house we are unique and can welcome any type of new members including couples and families. Communal spaces are vegan and most nights we have a dinner fairy who magics a two course vegan feast!  As far as possible, new members will be active in creating the vision of Rose Howey, both practically with the necessary restoration and decoration of the house and in creative terms by adding to the energy of the project. The size of the project means that we would love to hear from people who are eager to make both short and long term commitments.


    If you are interested in joining and want to come meet us to see what we’re about or have any questions about our project, get in touch on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 0151 7276914 10-11 Sunnyside Liverpool L8 3TD, http://rosehowey.org.uk/

  • Come live with the Camels!

    Hello everybody who would like to live in an urban yet rural community with 7 adults, and 2 part-time children (theyre around every other weekend!). We have a vacancy for a new member coming up in September



    Rent for the room is £55 per week, which is within the local housing benefit rate, and there is no council tax to pay. The room available is 12ft x 10ft, with a wooden double bed included. One of the chimney breast alcoves has shelves built into it. The window faces south east east.



    We're looking for a proactive, motivated individual who doesn't need badgering to muck in with the building work required at present, or if that isn't an option then the radical social change or local community engagement, or administrative sides of running the coop. We're a community in it's infancy so your influence will make a strong impact. Our vision is to create a better Ipswich! We'd like you to be respectful of fellow member's needs, open to listening, honest, and supportive.


    We expect to give the same in return, and we're open to questions, suggestions and feedback, especially constructive criticism!



    Our housing coop is a member of Radical Routes network. We're a vegetarian/ vegan household (one kitchen each), and its no smoking indoors. We don't all eat together every night but some of us like to, and we cook from fresh ingredients every day; sourced via the Community Supported Agriculture scheme in Rushmere - this provides us the opportunity to work on the farm a day a fortnight-ish. We also usually pool resources in order to buy organic, fairtrade and local produce communally from our independent food cooperative. We split all bills equally. We have wireless broadband in half the houses, including the room that's available. There are 2 showers (and a third thats going to come online soon), 1 bath, and 3 toilets, a large 'events' room/dining room, and a cosy woodburner living room. Our current project is to get the healing space and band practice space sorted to generate more income. The central heating covers most of the house inc your room, as does the plaster....



    Existing members are between 24 and 42 years old, some work at the museum st veggie cafe in town, the library, the parks and in gardens and care homes. We put on bicycle balls, intentional community gatherings, help run the Ripple food coop, are involved in Transition Towns, make recycled and textile and line-drawn art and costumes, like cycling, herbalism, tribal belly dance and tango and 'normal' dancing, comics, ska, singing folk tunes, seasonal celebrations, fire, natural; sustainable and traditional building technologies. We go hunt sabbing and protest against GM wheat and unnecessary road building, grow food and preserve it, WWOOF, make films about the privatisation of the NHS, promote cooperation and autonomous community action, and are mostly anarchist in politics. Whoo!



    Our criteria for assessing whether you're right for us:


    1) Your immediate housing need - have you got anywhere else to go?


    2) Your commitment to co-operative principles and radical social change


    3) Your understanding of cooperative communications


    4) Personal connection with existing members


    5) Your commitment to participate in 'homemaking' - energy efficiency/ construction/ tidying and washing up!



    We hope you will be able to decide, having read this advert and upon meeting us, whether we're right for you! It's a two way thing, so make sure you state any concerns and ask for what you need and want.



    We have an evolving set of agreements for how we live together in this space, called our Secondary Rules, & these are attached - and will help you decide on our mutual compatibility.



    The way you go about joining us is:



    • You read our blog, secondary rules and the Radical Routes website
    • Ring us up and express your interest - 01473 213 575 or  Helen 07582 731 084, have a chat.
    • We'll email you an application form; you fill it out & send back
    • Come over for tea or dinner and meet the gang; could take a couple of goes as we're not often all free at the same time! You'll get invited again if we establish a rapport.
    • Come help out on the work we're doing around the house, or another of our projects like the Prisoner Solidarity letter writing, hosting vegan snack stalls, making pads for international women's day
    • Come to one of our meetings -Sunday evenings - to see how we work
    • Stay with us for a trial weekend, or/then a trial week
    • Have a meeting specifically to discuss your potential memebership
    • Join! Become an officer of the cooperative, pay your pound joining fee
    • Move In
    • Go to a Radical Routes gathering and attend the Introduction workshops - next one is in Cornwall; May 16-18th, we'll be there setting up the week beforehand (its a holiday really!)


    Hope this post isn't information overload! Or too demanding-sounding: we need to make it clear this isn't some house share where you just pay your rent and occasionally have nice chats with fellow housemates :-) We only moved in 5 months ago and have lots to do, and could use some extra energy to help move it along.


    Speak to you soon xx



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