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Talamh Housing Co-op

Talamh is Gaelic for earth or soil, and the co-op is fortunate to be set in 50 acres of fields and mixed habitats with a 17 th century farmhouse (in need of constant maintenance!).

Talamh has been in existence since 1993, and a housing co-op since 1996 and has housed many people over that time. Talamh currently houses nine adults and two children plus often extra visitors. Talamh has gardens, woodland, wetland, a lake, veg terraces, a polytunnel, and lots of wildlife about. We either live in the farmhouse or in caravans on the land.

Over 10,000 native broadleaf and conifer trees have been planted on the land not including hedgerows. Although rural, Talamh is adjacent to large open-cast coal mines, the M74, dairy farming and a gravel quarry. Talamh allows individuals access to land and resources and is idiosyncratic and active with a DIY style. Membership is firstly by spending time here, visiting and volunteering.

Birkhill House
South Lanarkshire

Tel: 01555 820555 or 820550

E-mail: talamh@riseup.net

Web: www.talamh.org.uk