Radical Routes

Skylark Housing Co-op

Skylark is a housing co-operative who have recently purchased a house in Brighton. The co-operative consists of activists, artists and musicians involved in a range of social change issues, including wildlife protection, gender, social centres, activist legal support, community growing, the environment and prisoner solidarity. Skylark housing co-operative aims to provide a safe, stable and supportive environment for generations of politically and socially active individuals. We believe this is even more important at a time when other forms of housing are further out of reach. With the introduction of the squatting ban, austerity and continual rises in rent prices, many people like ourselves are struggling to find suitable housing. The house will however provide a productive living space for a diverse group of individuals and ensure the continuation of vital social and ecological projects for an equal society. We hope to create a space that is low impact, consensually run, engaged with its local community, and actively working towards social change. On the border between city and countryside, we want to demonstrate a different way of living: taking control of our infrastructure, connecting to the community and ecosystem, whilst being practical, empathic, active and egalitarian.

Contact us at: info[at]skylarkhousingcoop.org.uk or visit http://skylarkhousingcoop.wordpress.com . We can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter

We are currently looking for a new member, to move in late September/ early October. If you are interested, please visit our website.