Radical Routes

Skylark Housing Co-op

Skylark Housing Co-operative currently consists of six adults and two dogs. The coop’s semi-detached house was purchased on the 1st March 2013. Its an ex-council house on the edge of the downs, in Bevendean. In our large garden our fig tree produces wonderfully sporadically and we grow vegetables, flowers and herbs. Bevendean has a vibrant community scene with the first co-operative pub on a council estate The Bevy, a plethora of other housing co-operatives, and a community garden. All of us at Skylark are queer and many trans/non-binary. We are involved in activism, education and community activities. Its not all graft though and members can also be found dancing, knitting, drawing and painting, making music, gardening, studying, and sleeping. If you would like to enquire about our co-op, feel free to send us an email. We operate a snail mail inbox that is slow, steady, glistening with potential and has a house attached to it.

Contact us at: skylarkhousingcoop [at] gmail.com or visit http://skylarkhousingcoop.wordpress.com . We can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter

We are currently at full membership. We will post on our website when recruiting for new members in the future.