Radical Routes

Persons Unknown Housing Co-op

We are Persons Unknown Housing Cooperative, based in South Liverpool. We chose to reclaim the title ‘Persons Unknown’ because for us setting up a housing cooperative comes from the same struggle that caused us to squat (and we like the idea of having all our paperwork to Persons Unknown).

We are currently a group of 8 people all living in a mixture of precarious housing. This has pushed us to set up something long term, secure, affordable and self-managed instead. We will do this by taking land off our cities ‘housing market’ and putting it into cooperative ownership for generations to come.

We love our community so we are looking into the different possibilities it has for our cooperative: like living on the land, or of the refurbishment of an unusual building, having shared workshop spaces and a community space. We want to support the sharing of skills, education and information, among our members and with the wider community. We will offer advice to others who want to take control of their own housing. Where possible we will build and support local projects that help make the area a better place to be.

We are active members of the Radical Routes network and between us do loads of things to try to make our city a better place to live. We are looking for a safe place to call home. We have a few possibilities in the area and are working towards getting a mortgage agreed and a getting people to invest in our coop through loanstock.

If you are interested in what we are doing, or want to ask us questions to support your own project – we are always happy to help! Get in touch: personsunknowncoop@gmail.com

Our website: www.personsunknowncoop.com