Radical Routes

Out of Town Housing Co-op

We are a housing co-op based in Brighton (as our name would suggest, on the edges of town…).

Out of Town housing co-operative is a Radical Routes member co-op based in Brighton. The co-op has existed since 1991 in its original incarnation, and joined Radical Routes in 2004. We own two houses in different parts of Brighton, one housing about 9 people and the other 6. The first, larger house we bought in 2009 and the smaller one in 2016. Both houses have decent sized gardens to play with (space for bonfires!). We have a variety of dogs and cats as well as bat, bird and fox visitors.

We try and do things collectively where we can, such as work days on the houses, cooking together and trying to have fun together when busyness allows. We are actively trying to become more ecological (within the limits of old houses and restricted money!) We have solar water heating in one house and are looking at installing solar PV as soon as we can.We have been trying to upgrade insulation and double glazing across both houses. In the future it would be great to try and become really low carbon.

We support refugees and asylum seekers and have often been privileged to be able to provide accommodation for people needing somewhere to stay. We support Radical Routes’ values of radical social change against our current capitalist, patriarchal and colonialist system. We have been involved in various ways of challenging this over time, such as: XR, Don’t Pay campaign, anti-fascism and anti-racism, social and community centres, migrant solidarity, youth work, DIY pride, Radical Routes(!), the co-op movement, radical housing projects and loads more (forgive me if I have forgotten things…)

E-mail:  out-of-town [at] riseup.net