Radical Routes

Neds Housing Co-op

Neds is a fully mutual housing co-op based in Forest Fields/New Basford, Nottingham. It was established in 2001 to provide affordable housing for people dedicated to social change.

It is home to up to 10 cooperative members. Living at Neds follows general principles of respect, co-operation, non-hierarchy and mutual aid in their everyday lives and within the co-op. Participation and inclusivity are also at the heart of the co-ops values. At Neds, people are also involved in range of causes including animal welfare, anti-racism/migrant solidarity, environmental protection, food sustainability, LGBTQ+ rights and social justice, amongst others.

The co-op consists of a large house and various outbuildings, including a large ex-factory space which is used for workshops and hosting gatherings. The house was originally built in 1854, and the factory was previously used to produce pyclets (crumpets) as Leigh’s Pyclet Factory. Neds is also located near to the Sumac Centre – a volunteer-run social and community space – with which the cooperative has strong ties. We are also involved in neighbourhood activities and support networks, and are members of the Sherwood Rise Resident Association.

The coop is gradually improving the house, finding new ways of making the property as energy efficient as possible, and reducing its environmental footprint. Most of the works are carried out by the cooperative members directly. In addition, all communal food, household appliances, cleaning products, and other collectively purchased goods are chosen on the basis of ethical and environmental criteria, and efforts are made to reduce or repurpose waste wherever possible.

Neds Housing Cooperative, 7 Albany Road, Nottingham NG7 7LX

Email: Nedshousingcoop(a)gmail.com

Tel: none