Radical Routes

Mary Ann Johnson Housing Co-op

We are a group of individuals from north London, most of us are either on welfare benefits or low waged. To solve our joint housing problems, and to take control of this part of our lives, we have set up a housing cooperative. In 2007 we bought and converted a house in Haringey, north London, and recently, in December 2015, we bought our second house, also in Haringey.

Most of us are also involved in Haringey Solidarity Group which is a non-aligned local campaigning group, or other community organisations based on similar principles. As part of our vision, we hope to incorporate a meeting space and a few small office/ work spaces, for campaigning groups and others. If you want to know more get in touch.

PO Box 2474
London N8 0HW

E-mail: maj[at]haringey.org.uk