Radical Routes

Heartwell Housing Co-op

Heartwell Co-op is based on an acre of land in South Devon, where we have pitches available for caravan and van dwellers. We are working towards our site becoming a resource for Earth Protection, Travellers, Low Impact Living & Land Rights.

We are caretaking our land, applying permaculture to our site, sharing skills for alternative ways of living, and learning about living together. We’re working on land access for Travellers and low impact dwellers, action for Earth Protection and Social justice, environmental education, food growing, holding sacred space, providing events and teaching space, and taking care with herbal medicine. 

We offer this space as a base to create positive change in the world and support Activists, Nomads, Pilgrims, Seekers, Wanderers, Idealists, Herbalists, Musicians, Artists, Do-ers and Dreamers to live here, find deeper earth and community connection and make projects happen. 

email:  hearthhomeplace@gmail.com  

address:  The Heartwell, Hems Acre, Longford Bridge, Littlehempston, Totnes, TQ9 6NE