Radical Routes

Gathering Welcome Desk

The Radical Routes Spring Gathering 2023


10-12th May 2024

at Talamh in Lanarkshire.

You can contact Gathering group at: Gatherings@RadicalRoutes.org.uk (Please do not contact the  venue directly).


  • Radical Routes business – decision-making and discussion, reporting on work done and allocating tasks to do

  • Introduction to how RR works and how to participate in it

  • Keeping up with each other’s co-op news – meeting new members, helping with problems, celebrating achievements

  • Socialising, skill-sharing, inspiring each other – building relationships of trust so we can work together well

  • Meeting new people and spreading consciousness of radical co-operation as a tool for re-making our world.

Lots of the information you need for the gathering is in the agenda, which you should already have, but if not, you can access it here: AGENDA

Meeting times, online meeting links and live minutes will be on the RR teamup calendar:  https://teamup.com/ksog8yfud5ia1ttrdv  

1. Register here – REGISTRATION FORM
2. Discuss/decide your co-op’s RR work commitments and service payments for the next quarter
3. Discuss the contents of the agenda in your co-op, including clarifying questions, positions on proposals and contributions to discussions
4. Decide who is going to be your co-op’s delegate(s), particularly where your co-op is a proposer or objector
5. Register objections to proposing co-ops and apologies to the Secretary in advance
6. Decide whether anyone else from your co-op should be on the Radical Routes email list or Loomio
7. Get at least one person from your co-op to sign up for a facilitation or minute taking role. Sign up for slots on the rota here: Link will be posted nearer the time

On this ‘welcome desk’ you can find:

1. Timetable

2. What to do if you’re new to Radical Routes

3. Help & Support

4. Confidential listening space

5. Jargon buster

1. Timetable

 The timetable, including details about meetings and links is updated on the Teamup calendar (also includes info on facilitation teams and links to live minutes documents):https://teamup.com/ksog8yfud5ia1ttrdv 

2. What to do if you’re new to Radical Routes

Firstly, hi and welcome! If you’re new to Radical Routes (whether you’re a new member in an existing co-op or you’re a new co-op looking at Radical Routes), there is a series of workshops designed to introduce you to the workings of Radical Routes and Co-ops in general. They’re informative, exciting and essential! The Intro sessions will take place in person at the gathering.

If you’re from a new group, it’s essential that you register your presence with Co-op Support Group by attending the New Groups meeting (see timetable). This is so that they can confirm you have attended the gatherings as required, arrange joining visits and generally keep you on track.

Don’t forget that you can also request a buddy to help you navigate the gathering. See the next point…

3. Help & Support if you need it

If you are new to gatherings and need any support or guidance email gatherings@radicalroutes.org.uk

4. Confidential Listening Space

The Co-op Support Group / Mediators Pool will be offering a Confidential Listening Space at the gathering. Whether you just need a listening ear to vent about your co-op or think that your co-op is in dire trouble, Co-op Support Group are there to help. If you are worried about anything in your co-op and would like an opportunity to talk it through in a confidential space there will be information and a link to book a slot on here soon.

5. Jargon Buster

Like every community and organisation, over the years we’ve developed terms that make sense when you’ve heard them before, but not if you’re new or don’t know much about co-ops or consensus or accounting or legal stuff.  So here is a work-in-progress jargon-buster:



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