Radical Routes

Equinox Housing Co-op

Equinox Housing Co-op was set up in 1994 and moved into a large house in
inner-city Manchester. Its aims were to provide affordable, quality
accommodation to people involved in social change work. We are a group of 8 (plus dog) living communally and trying to build a supportive community based on the principles which we believe will help to make a better world.

Our members are involved in a wide range of activities and projects
including local community groups, non-violent direct action groups on many
issues, from no borders to genetics, ecological renovation, climate
campaigning, seed saving, vegan organic farming, herbalism, websites,
woodlands, Radical Routes and many others. We also find time to enjoy the
gardens, be sporty, play music and have (we are told) legendary parties.
We have carried out extensive environmental improvements (rainwater
toilets, insulation, community office) and are looking towards further
renovations (solar heating/PV) which will make us more sustainable. We are
also in the process of setting up a community allotment project, involving
active workshops on vegan organic food production, permaculture design and
eco-building (we will be building a cob kitchen). Exciting times ahead!!
Visitors and helpers welcome. Membership waiting list in operation –
contact us. 

161 Hamilton Road

Tel: 0161 248 9224