Radical Routes

Dragonfly Housing Co-op

Dragonfly Housing Cooperative

178 Campbell Road


Tel: 01865 770833

E-mail: dragonflyoxford@gmail.com

Dragonfly housing coop has been running since 2000, housing 5 people in a quiet road in East Oxford that backs onto Florence Park. The house was previously home to Jigsaw housing coop. We squeeze a lot into a fairly small house and garden, with fruit trees (and even a grapevine!), a sauna, and as of 2015 a neighbourhood tool coop.

Previous members have campaigned against GM, war, roads and runways and worked for sustainability, NVDA training, activist trauma support, activist legal advice, campaign publicity/props and the Climate Camp. Current members are involved in anti-fracking, global solidarity actions, sustainable design and community projects.