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Digital Tools Instructions and Tips

If you need an account setting up, or if you are still unsure after reading this help page, please email techsupport@radicalroutes.org.uk for assistance.

Nextcloud is an open source (and better) version of G****e Drive, its also GDPR compliant.


It contains different tools which your working groups and co-ops can use such as:


  • Files (the only one Radical Routes uses currently)
  • Talk: a messaging app
  • Calendar
  • Deck (jobs boards, like WeKann)
  • Polls
  • Forms

WeKann is a jobs board app


You set up a jobs board by:


1. Creating the board

2. Clicking the + to add columns such as ‘ongoing’ ‘done’ etc. for all of you jobs cards.

3. Adding cards by clicking the + in the columns.