Radical Routes

Anarres Housing Co-op

Located deep within the barren moon that is the anarchist ghetto of Bristol, lies Anarres Housing Co-op.

We take our name from one of the main locations from the late (and much missed) author Ursula LeGuin’s science-fiction novel, The Dispossessed. LeGuin’s work depicts a genius scientist who reluctantly departs his scarcity-stricken, anarchistic homeland of Anarres (part of a double-planet system) for the prosperous, capitalist state of A-lo on Urras (the other half of the double-planet system). Once there, he becomes embroiled in the decadence and inequality still ongoing.

But, unlike the ideological stagnation of the fictional Anarres, we hope that securing stable and dignified housing will allow us, as anarchists, to concentrate our energies on extending our ideas and activities beyond the bounds of the activist bubble – and actually help bring down this rotten system!

Set up in 2016, after a somewhat long-winded emotional rollercoaster of an interval, we moved into our first (and currently only) property in March of 2022. Our membership currently includes four (humans), but we plan to expend to include six (humans) once our planned extension is complete. Our ideal prospective member is an anarchist, a vegan or freegan, and a sci-fi nerd – but there is a degree of wiggle room in that portfolio.

For contact, e-mail: anarreshousing@riseup.net

Find out more about us on our blog: https://network23.org/anarreshousingcoop/