Radical Routes

151 Housing Co-op

151 Housing Co-operative Ltd

151 is an urban community located in Newcastle upon Tyne. We are an evolving group of six people that are still renting the same premise after 30 years of communal living. As of May 2019 we are officially a co-op and are working towards buying a property. We joined Radical Routes in November 2019 at the gathering which we hosted at the Star and Shadow Cinema.

Our Aims and Principles (draft April 4th 2019)

  • We are a group of people who want to live in a community.         
  • We want to listen to each other and relate to one another as equals.         
  • We aim to build a permanent urban community.    
  • We want to prop up the property properly with high quality building repairs and improvements.    
  • We want to put land and housing permanently into cooperative ownership    
  • We want to be an exemplar community that experiments with and demonstrates how to live together and share resources in an urban     environment.    
  • We want to uphold our shared food and meal based household culture
  • We believe that wider change begins within (the co-op and each individual member).    
  • We operate by a consensus decision making process
  • We aim to make our co-op as self sustaining as possible. For example, by reducing fuel use, increasing energy efficiency and by generating our own energy.
  • Our co-op is to be a social hub and place of learning    
  • We want to be able to offer artist, scientific or activist residencies, for selected guests
  • We want to have a second house, or close relationship with another co-op, in the countryside to enable mixed urban and rural living for residents of both    
  • We want to continue to be a focal part of our neighbourhood, providing social benefit, continuity, cohesion and identity to a changing community