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Creating an account gives no extra access to the site. If you are a member of a member co-op then e-mail Footprint Workers Co-op after you have registered to request access to the members area.

Trading Co-ops Network

For a long time in Radical Routes we have known that many people who live in housing co-ops also work in workers co-operatives that are not a part of the network. There are many good reason for this. Many workers co-ops would find the work commitment to Radical Routes hard to fulfill; attending gatherings at weekends is difficult for workers co-ops in many industries and the benefits of full membership are less tangible for workers co-operatives than they are for housing co-ops.


To redress this the trading co-ops forum and associated working group have been formed.

At each gathering people involved in workers co-operatives or other trading organisations and those acting as sole traders get together to discuss issues that affect them and to provide mutual aid.


To be a member of the Rad Routes Trading Co-ops Network, co-ops must be full or associate members of Radical Routes.  The Trading Co-ops Network aims to produce a print directory of all its members, as well as this online listing.


For information on how to become an associate member visit the how to join page.


There is an e-mail list, and in case things get complex or we want to keep a discussion accessible for the future, a web based forum for discussion outside the gatherings.


Radical Routes full member trading co-ops


Accountancy, book keeping and Co-op formation

Catalyst Collective

We are a workers’ co-operative, who offer free help and advice for and about housing and worker co-ops, plus a cheap registration service for new co-ops and help preparing accounts. We have over 14 years experience, and more than 100 satisfied customers. We can visit you if appropriate, to help you develop your co-operative ideas.

We are based in Norfolk, however we work with groups nationwide. We offer a cheap/free service because we believe in what we do, and are always open to donations to further our work.

Bike maintenance/Cycle training

Birmingham Bike Foundry

Birmingham Bike Foundry is a workers' cooperative. We promote cycling activities and recycle discarded bikes. We offer training in bike maintenance and cycle proficiency to members of the public, schools and businesses. We offer bicycle hire, a tool club where you can come along and use our workshop and a bespoke building service for people with specialised cycling needs. Our aims are to promote cycling activities, reduce waste by recycling discarded bikes and provide fulfilling employment for our members. We hope to improve access to cycling for people who find it hard to afford a reliable bike and do not yet have the knowledge to maintain it themselves. In the long term we aim to generate a vibrant cycling culture in Birmingham – a city with a toxic addiction to cars, leading to serious health and environmental problems.

Printing and Web design and hosting

footprint1Footprint Workers Co-op.

Footprint have been active in Radical Routes since before they started trading in July 2000. They provide printing services to the network and far beyond. They are almost certainly the biggest printers of independently published zines in the UK if not the world. In 2007 they started to provide web hosting and design services links to some of their work are available from their site.

Social Centres

Cowley Club (The)

The Cowley Club is a social centre on London Road in Brighton. It houses a cafe and bookshop during the day, a members bar during the evenings, a library, and is a base for a variety of other projects. The club is collectively owned and run as a base for those involved in grassroots social change and those sympathetic to such activities, giving us control over our social space and resources. It is run entirely by volunteers – no one gets paid, and no one is making any profit. Instead, we are trying to provide a much needed alternative to everything else around us.


Manchester Social Centre

The Manchester Social Centre is a project that is trying to set up an autonomous community space to act as a hub for activism in the city of Manchester. Since The Basement closed there has been a growing need for a non-commercial, free space for groups to use to organize their events. We are currently looking for a building to host the MSC. Once we have achieved this, we hope to run a café and a radical bookshop / library. We will provide meeting space, a music venue and space for art exhibitions. We also wish to provide access to free computers.


Sumac Centre (The)

The Sumac Centre (formerly the Rainbow Centre) is an activist and community resource centre and a secondary co-operative with two housing and two worker co-ops as members. These co-ops are Ned’s and Rhizome Housing Co-operatives, Veggies Catering Campaign and Wild Things who are involved in eco-education with children of all ages.

The centre has a cafe, a bar, a radical library and computer facilities. We aim to provide housing, work, social facilities and advice and help to people working towards social change.

Woodland management/Tree planting

Knott Wood Coppicers


From the Earth - awaiting details




We started managing Knott Wood, near
Hebden Bridge, in 1994. In 1997 we became a
worker's co-op.
Our aim is to manage the woodland to enhance
biodiversity, create saleable wood products and
preserve woodland crafts which have been
neglected in recent years.
The woodland is a mixture of Victorian
sycamore plantation, semi natural birch/oak
woodland and open fields. Much of the site is
on steep, south facing slopes. The management
plan has concentrated on felling areas of
sycamore and restocking with native
hardwoods, and planting open areas. The main
species planted are hazel for coppice, with some
ash, oak, sweet chestnut, rowan and field maple.
We have also planted two small orchards in the
open areas, and a small area of larch. There is a
forest schools area, including a new pond, and
we carry out regular biodiversity surveys.
We are now at the stage of felling our first
coppice coups of hazel, as well as continuing to
fell some of the sycamores to create new
coppice areas.
Knott Wood Coppicers was also central to the
creation of climate awareness and re-forestation
group Treesponsibility in 1998. We continue to
work in this group, planting 5 hectares of new
land each year throughout Calderdale, for flood
protection, biodiversity and woodfuel.
We run an open day once a year, usually in late
spring, and have working days and weeks
throughout the year.
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