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Catalyst Collective Ltd

Catalyst Collective Ltd

We are a workers' co-operative, who offer free help and advice for and about housing and worker co-ops, plus a cheap registration service for new co-ops. We have over 14 years experience, and more than 100 satisfied customers.

We can visit you if appropriate, to help you develop your co-operative ideas. Contact us for more details.

We work with groups nationwide, you can also catch us at many events throughout the year. We offer a cheap/free service because we believe in what we do, and are always open to donations to further our work. We are developing the skills sharing we can offer, including conflict resolution, consensus decision making, roles in a housing co-op (secretary, treasurer, etc), and others on demand.

We are also the finance worker co-op for Radical Routes.

See our website for more information.

Catalyst Collective
(Radical Routes Finance Worker Co-op)
Web: www.catalystcollective.co.uk

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