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Federici (Birmingham)

The Federici Housing Coop is a new co-operative in Birmingham which is looking to purchase a large house to sustain a group of anti-capitalist organisers and help expand our work to the wider Birmingham community.


The Co-operative is named after Silvia Federici, a prominent Marxist-feminist theorist, as our group feels that the central importance social reproduction – tasks such as caring, cleaning, cooking, and getting ready for the everyday drudge of life in and against capitalism - which are ordinarily gendered and seen as feminine and, as a result, devalued - are something that can be tackled collectively. We hope that starting this co-operative can be a positive experiment in living together, whilst providing space and a hub of activity for others campaigning on similar issues in the city. The idea of social reproduction is to reproduce the workers within capitalism, but if we can do this for ourselves, within the struggle, we become much more sustainable and powerful as activists.


At the moment we are trying to buy a house large enough for 8 members. It's nearby to Aston Villa football ground and Birmingham City Centre and only a 35 minute cycle from Gungho co-op and the Student Housing co-operative in South Birmingham.


Federici Co-operative: c/o  805 Pershore Road, Birmingham, B29 7LR


Email: federici(at)riseup.net

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