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Branches (Bradford)

Branches Housing Cooperative Header
Bradford, a city to liveDodgy landlords, leaking roofs, ever increasing rent and isolated lives, sounds familiar? It did to us…
In 2007 eight young people, from around Bradford and the world, fed up with the state of housing and the price of buying got together to form Branches. We don’t exist as some “charity” but a group of people that actively want to make a difference.
We wanted to live, work and play somewhere we could afford, somewhere we knew was safe and somewhere we would interact with the community around us to make it better.
A year later we moved into our first temporary house in Preston Street. We wanted to get the ball rolling on our project and stat living in a more positive way.
Since then we have had members come and go as their lives have moved on, but we remain in contact with everyone and are part of a growing network of people in Bradford that want to make the city great from bellow and not by building dead-end shopping centres and posh apartments.
Everyone that lives in Branches is committed to social change and we each spend time doing this. Some of us spend time working in youth centres while others cook at the Treehouse Café. We have strong links with the 1in12 club and in the past have all been part of anti-nuclear/anti-militaristic campaigning.

Live, without landlordsIf this sound good, if you are thinking “how do I get involved?” or agree that our communities should be built from the bottom up, then join Branches and make your home with us. We are looking for new people, who are also committed to social change to come and live with us.

We live, eat and some of us work together but we also welcome new people and try to act as a place that radical thoughts and minds can come a meet.
Right now (December 2010) we have one bedroom available. Rent is £55pw including food, bills and council tax. If you want to get more information then give us a ring on 01274 724429, or pop in & lets beat the landlords together.

Invest in us“Ethical Investment” is a pretty overused term, but rather than going to some multinational, investing in small local projects can make a difference.
We are fully mutual, this means that we don’t have bosses, and noone profits from Branches. It means that every penny that we get can transform the way people live. We are just part of a bigger network, Radical Routes, who are building an alternative economy where people can live, eat and work ethically.
By supporting Branches you can help young people take control of their own lives, help make Bradford a city to live in and know that your money is going towards a grassroots movement.
You can donate or loan us money at any amount and on your terms.
We offer loan-stock paid back at anything from 0-3%, depending on what you want, and payback between 5-15 years. Contact us or ring 01274 724429
We always welcome friends and visitors for tea but make sure that you tell us first - we may not be in!

Branches Housing Cooperative • 106 Preston Street
Bradford • BD7 1JP
01274 724429 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Registered as a cooperative (I&PS) IP 30498 R

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